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The Library CarveWright Built – CarveWright

CarveWright Library

The following blog article written by Joe Lovchik describes how he and his brother Chris Lovchik (inventor of the CarveWright CNC) collaborated to create an absolutely gorgeous library in Chris’ home. Classic Oak carvings, hidden panels, and “story” mouldings for each book section are just a few of the details they incorporated into this impressive project. All the carvings began as digital models and were machined with the CarveWright CNC. It is an interesting read and the photos of the library are inspiring to say the least. Enjoy!

We’ve been working on a library project for almost 6 years, and it is nearly finished. Earlier this summer during the 2016 CarveWright Conference, we gave tours and shared some photos in our post-conference blog.  Now, we’ve gathered up photos outlining the progress of this great build to show you some of the steps taken along the way…read more

Source: The Library CarveWright Built – CarveWright

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