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First of all, thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find items that are of interest to you. Our products are useful for a wide variety of CNC machining applications, ranging from personal and commercial such as sign making, craft show items, furniture and cabinet building, as well as larger architectural purposes. In addition, we are building a library of complete step-by-step DIY projects that we think you’ll enjoy. Please read on for more details…


We offer digital relief model files which are intended for CNC machining. Typical compatibility offerings are for use with the CarveWright CNC System software (ptn), and/or Vectric Aspire (3dClip) and/or other Software products that can utilize generic standard STL format digital relief model files (such as Delcam/ArtCAM and VCarve Pro 8 or above). Each model page will display which file formats are available for that item. You can choose the specific file format you need to download, according to what software you are using. If you see an item that is not in the file format you require, please contact us to let us know. Whenever possible, we will do our best to create a compatible version for you.

Below is a list of the digital relief model file types offered and what software you can use them with. This is not a complete list, since STL models can be used in many different software packages, but this should help you choose a suitable file type for your particular application.

.ptn – for use with CarveWright Designer

.3dClip – for use with Vectric Aspire

.stl – for use with any other modeling and/or CNC software that can import STL models. Examples are ArtCAM, Alphacam, Cut3D, ShopBot Partworks 3D, Rhino3D, Slicer, STL Importer, Sculptor, MeshLab, MillWizard, ZBrush, Gemvision, Matrix, EnRoute, DeskProto, MasterCam, VCarve Pro 8 (or above) and many others.


Our DIY Project files are compatible with either CarveWright software or Vectric software (including some projects that will work with ShopBot Partworks 2D software which is made by Vectric). Please read the project description to be sure you are using compatible software (including the appropriate software versions) prior to actual purchase. If you have questions about compatibility, please contact us for assistance. Every CarveBuddy Project includes detailed step-by-step photo documented instructions in PDF form to guide you through the entire project; from the initial setup through assembling and finishing. Our philosophy is that every project be a fun and useful experience!

Below is a list of the Project file types offered and what software you can use them with. Note: A file format conversion request does not apply to Projects – we are unable to provide file conversions for the DIY Projects because the project files and step-by-step instructions are created exclusively for CarveWright (mpc) and/or Vectric-based software (crv3d and/or crv).

.mpc – for use with CarveWright Designer

.crv3d – for use with Vectric Aspire

.crv – for use with Vectric VCarve Pro, VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition and ShopBot PartWorks 2D

Each project will have a designated “Skill Level” – BASIC, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED.

BASIC – Project utilizing only your CNC , hand tools and possibly small power tools (examples: rotary tool, sander, drill).

INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED – Project utilizing your CNC and possibly a common larger power tool (examples: table saw, miter saw).

Copyright Notice and Terms of Use

The CarveBuddy Copyright Notice and Terms of Use is simple and direct. All text, images, digital files and other materials on this website are subject to the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of CarveBuddy and its licensors. Please click the link below for complete details:

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Do you have questions or need additional info?

It is a pleasure to help you. Please feel free to contact us through our contact page.  We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page that may contain your answer.