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CarveWright CNC Rotary Jig In Action!


CarveWright CNC Rotary Jig In Action!

I made a couple Easter Eggs for my grandchildren with their names incorporated in the design. This was a perfect project for the CarveWright CNC Rotary Jig accessory!…

The wood is a 3″x3″x12″ block of Basswood mounted in the CarveWright Rotary Jig.


The video below was recorded near the end of the job. The rotary over -carves intentionally to reduce evidence of a seam. I manually stopped at 104 percent.

Here is the completed carve…


I sawed the two eggs free from the turned/carved block, then sanded/rounded the top end of each one. I left the bottom ends flat so the eggs will stand upright on their own…


Painting and finishing…


All done and ready to give to the grandkids!…


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